Roca Software Apps is an Android developer that has been active since 2015. The current app portfolio contains 23 apps. In the Google rankings, Roca Software Apps’s apps appear in the top 100 in more than 5 countries.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus may not survive torture tests

  Thicker glass and a sturdier frame should make the latest superphones harder to break, right? Tests by warranty outlet SquareTrade breaks down that claim.   Samsung would have you believe its latest greatest smartphones are rough and tough, but new torture tests may have shattered that reputation before it even takes hold. Samsung says …

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Galaxy S9 drop test

Galaxy S9 drop test: How Hard is the New Samsung?

The Guys at Cnet.com dropped a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S9 onto the sidewalk to see how much it can handle. If there is something we have learn from almost a decade with Smartphones, is the fact that they wont interact so well with Hard surfaces, Specially if we dropped it on the sidewalk.  So, would …

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android vs IOS. what do you choose?

Android Vs iOS; What’s the best for you?

Smartphones are the laptops we carry in our pockets. With access to smartphones the reel only gets more real with each passing day. With astounding iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus features, the latest update IOS 11.3 beta, the battle of winning the mobile OS is still on. From chronicle expansion use of smartphone to being …

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Importance of Internet marketing on your brand.

We almost utilize 14.4% time of our everyday routine on digital media, which is to say, we’re no far from spending most of our time in the digital virtual world. The revolution of electronic devices has given birth to so many innovative ideas, among which paid advertising and internet marketing are some of it. Literally, …

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Mobile Apps: How are changing our life

Mobile Apps: how are changing our life. Emerging technology is making our daily life easier and efficient both. The zeal of digitization is bringing many facilities to the world, Smartphone is one of them. They are proving best and helpful in many ways whether it is about performance or longevity. One of the most prominent …

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mobile apps market

Smartphones and Mobile Apps Market

Our’s is an era of technology and development; we are surrounded by new and innovative ideas that have made a deep impact on our lives. Keeping in mind the present scenario, it won’t be wrong to say that we are totally dependent on technology for every work of our’s. It is very hard for us …

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